Contract Manufacturing

As a proud New Zealand manufacturer of confectionery, we love to share our expertise and industry experience with other leading brands.

Our capabilities include: Twist Wrapped Confections, Tableted Confectionery & Nougat

Twist Wrapped Confections

In 2021, we installed a world class Twist Wrap line. This gives us the ability to produce in excess of 1,000 tons of product every year.

Our capabilities on the line include; Fruity Chews, Toffees, Caramels & Grained Chews. This product can be NAFNAC or artificial.

Using our vertical form fill bagger, we are able to pack blended or individual flavours in bags ranging from 50g to 2kg in size.

Compressed Tablets

Utilising some of the best industry equipment, we operate a dedicated tableting room.

We are able to produce tablets of the following sizes: 9mm, 14mm, 20mm. This product can be NAFNAC or artificial.

Standard packing configuration is bulk packed in either single or blended flavours.


Carousel is an industry leader in the manufacturing of Nougat.

Unlike traditional nougat which is inherently sticky and contains egg. Our take on this traditional line contains no egg and is free flow.

This allows us to pack the product loosely in vertical form fill bags, or in bulk.

Our nougat line and formulations are unique to us and have proven results in various applications - including bulk bins